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About Paintbombs

Paintbombs is a collaborative effort between artist Parris Patton and photographer Dean Groover. The two began with an eye towards bringing painting, performance, sculpture and photography together to form something completely new. What has emerged is a unique and visceral style of art that is both solemn and invigorating. Paintbombs can be performed in front of a gallery audience or prepared off site and presented in print and video form. Each show begins with newly conceived characters and scenarios designed to illuminate a theme. Once the program or script has been developed it is cast and then rehearsed with music and minimal dialogue. Photographer Dean Groover builds the lighting design and co-ordinates it with the show's choreography ensuring that at any point in the program he can produce a highly charged and polished photograph. Various color pallets for the different stages of the show are decided upon and hundreds of paint balloons are made accordingly. If the show is to be created in the gallery, opening night is the rehearsed program running in front of a live audience. Exploding paint drenches one scene after another in sync with music and lighting cues. The photographs that are being taken are previewed to the audience on a laptop with minimal delay. The program last approximately four hours after which a thorough hosing down of the actors serves as the final scene. For shows done off-site the process is documented and produced as a video presentation. Enlarged prints are gallery ready within five days and a dvd program is created to accompany the exhibit.



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